Editorial policy of Galicia Clínica


Galicia Clínica was re-established in 2008. In these years it has published multiple research works related to clinical medicine which are of great interest to clinical practice (hospital, health centre, emergency...).

Peer review process:

Originals received will be examined by members of the Editorial Board, and sent to two specialists in the field of study for qualification. Their reports are confidential.

Frequency of publication:

Galicia Clínica publishes one annual volume, divided into four issues published quarterly. It is published by the Galician Society of Internal Medicine (SOGAMI), constituting its body of expression.

Open access policy:

Galicia Clínica provides immediate and free access to all the contents of this electronic edition. Publication has no cost for authors, however they transfer the copyright for their work to the journal. The journal does not allow adaptations of published articles or use for commercial purposes.


Opinions and facts in each article are the sole responsibility of the authors. The Galician Society of Internal Medicine is not responsible, in any case, for ideas or opinions expressed in works.